The way to integrate OpenLogin is now with Web3Auth - we've raised $13m in funding

Passwordless Auth,
Meets Private Key Management

Combining the simplicity of passwordless authentication with the security of private key management
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Any stack, All logins in 5 minutes

Compatible with web, mobile or desktop native applications. Built for ease of use.

Any stack, All logins in 5 minutes

Compatible with web, mobile or desktop native applications. Built for ease of use.

STEP 1: Login with

Seamless SSO, Passwordless, Face/TouchID WebAuthn

Plug and play your different logins of choice for your application. Customizable UI screens to fit seamlessly into your application screens. After registration, users can set up Face/TouchID to access your app seamlessly via biometrics.

Boost conversion rates by up to 74%
Save the hassle of password loss
STEP 2: Create an OpenLogin account

Secured locally by SSO and device

OpenLogin accounts are analogous with a cryptographic key pair. They are initialized in with at least two factors, which are by standard a users login and their first device. Keys or accounts are not stored on any central server, even OpenLogin’s.

Built in multi-factor authentication
No accounts on central servers, no data breaches
STEP 3: Connect to applications that

Manage user data and privacy effortlessly

OpenLogin makes it easy for applications to manage sensitive user data. Its PKI infrastructure sets you up for CPRA, CCPA, GDPR compliance, and more fun cryptographic use cases. It acts as a proxy between third party login providers and applications themselves.

Censor user usage and browsing data from the Big Tech
Setup for GDPR, CPRA and CCPA compliance

Security and Transparency

OpenLogin accounts are secured across user devices and authentication methods.
There is no central server, no data honey pot.

Frontier of PKI Authentication

We marry great user experiences and cryptography to get the bleeding edge of what auth can provide for its applications

Open source

Login providers, apps and even us don’t own user accounts to provide the level of privacy/security of open login. And we’re open source to prove it to you

Secure and audited

Using Web3Auth means leveraging on a both academic and performance vetted infrastructure. We routinely undergo review from external parties

Battle tested

Millions of authentications and with the Torus Network having 99.9% uptime, using Web3Auth is using auth that scales

Hadar Rottenberg
Technical Lead @ GoodDollar

“Torus integration was a breeze, and it enables GoodDollar to reach its goal, to bring seamless decentralized finance experience to the masses without compromising on privacy and security."

Paul gebheim
Code monkey @ Augur

It is awesome with Torus. Users can get started with just their Gmail account. That means we can bypass all the blockchain jargon and make a much simpler experience.

tomohiro nakamura
CTO @ Startbahn

Torus is exactly what we are looking for, a great bridge between web 2.0 and 3.0.

michael arnold
Software Engineer @ My Crypto Heroes

“Most players don’t want to be bothered with private keys and mnemonics. Torus abstracts all this complexity behind a smooth Web2.0 experience, allowing our players to dive straight into the action.”